Apply for One Five on Washington

To apply for an apartment:

  • Please have every person over 18 fill out the application by using the following link
  • Pay the $20 application fee via ACH or credit card

Submit the following documents to

  • Clear picture of your ID:
    • (driver’s license, passport or government issued ID with a photo)
  • Proof of Income:
    • 2 Most Recent Pay-Stubs
    • Most Recent Tax Return
    • W2
    • Social Security Income Statement
    • Bank Statements
    • Or any other form of income or funds
  • If you have pet(s):
    • Submit a clear photo.
    • Date of recent rabies shot.
    • Contact name for the veterinarian.
    • All pets must be under 40lbs.

We are accepting applicants with the following criteria:

  • Credit score 650 or higher and a healthy credit history
  • Combined gross income must be higher than or equal to 3 times the rent per month.

Co-Signers would also need to fill out an application and provide the same documentation as an
application and need to meet the following criteria:

  • Credit score 700 or higher and a healthy credit history
  • Combined gross income higher than or equal to 5 times the rent per month or proof of
    funds 60 times the rent per year.

Upon Acceptance, you will be issued a lease and sent an invitation to pay the first month’s apartment rent, any parking or storage rent and 1 month’s security deposit. You will have 48 hours to sign and remit payment, lease.

If the 48 hours period lapses, you can still follow through with leasing the apartment or another apartment at the community, but the hold on the apartment will be removed, and it may be rented by another accepted applicant.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please feel free to contact:
Jon Paul Molfetta: 845-461-1843 |

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